The exquisite protagonist of North Greece has an unbeatable charm and innumerable reasons to visit and discover. Roman, byzantine, ottoman and other modern monuments, markets full of pictures and smells such as Modiano and Louloudadika, avenues that intensely remind of European metropolis and, of course, a walk by the sea with Thermaikos view that no one is bored to have. The beautiful Ano Poli with its traditional colors, Kalamaria with its own rhythms and codes, the cultural center of Lazaristes monastery, the seaside cafe’s, the perfect flavors, but also the International Festival of Thessaloniki, are parts of a fascinating puzzle that never ends.


A short distance from Thessaloniki, towards the highway Thessaloniki – Kavala, the sign with the word Oraiokastro out of the busy highway. Following the road to our left, we head to the City Oreokastro.

At a short distance from Thessaloniki, with direction to the ring road of Thessaloniki- Kavala , the signal with the index ‘Oreokastro’ take us away from the loud region. Following the road on the left side, we are driving to the municipality of Oreokastro. Our trip begins to be different. The forest of cars is replaced by the forest that the trees shape at a small extent of 5.000 acres. The more we are going up the hill, the more we feel the freshness of the mountain. Oreokastro, a place with unique natural beauty and endowed with excellent climate, attracts every year, except for visitors, millions of citizens for permanent stay.


  • The public ‘Anapsiktirio Dasoys’, constructed with ecological view at a green environment, offers a panoramic picture of Oreokastro but also of Thermaikos gulf.

  • The public ‘Anapsiktirio’of Paleokastro, near the chapel of ‘Saint Paraskevi’ , with perfect view an natural environment.

  • The public ‘Anapsiktirio’ at the intersection of Thessaloniki street and Leoforos Dimokratias street , at the centre of Oreokastro, with pine forest.

  • The leisure park ‘ Kalogeros’ with the 2 beautiful ponds that was created in order to become a natural habitat.

  • The chapel of Saint Paraskevi in Paleokastro builded at an attractive position and included in the most beautiful chapels of Macedonia. The Church of Saint Athanasios in Paleokastro, the most ancient church of Neapoli and Stavroupoli, dating from 1864.